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Digital Marketing Agency In Phuket Thailand

A Results-Driven Digital Marketing Agency In Phuket Thailand We Get Our Clients Measurable Results Using The Latest Technology and Marketing Strategies

Marketing Solutions

We Don’t Just Build Your Technology, We Offer Complete Marketing Solutions That Will Build Your Business

Online Marketing

Are You Frustrated With Your Online Marketing? Are You Tired Of Spending Money And Getting Promises, But No Leads Or Sales?
There Is A Solution.

Email Marketing

Rather Than Just Getting You Traffic, We Build A Sales Funnel That Collects Emails From Your Visitors. We Then Send Them Valuable Content, Building Trust And Turning Them From A Stranger Into A Customer.

Content Creation

 Content Informs Your Visitors and Positions You As An Authority In Your Field. So We Create Articles And Videos For Your Blog, And Social Media Pages, Which Drives Traffic, Gets You Leads, Makes You Sales, And Keeps You Happy.


We Build Fast, Beautiful, Elegant, Mobile Responsive Websites, Optimized To Generate Leads.


Add Live Chat Or AI Chatbots To Your Website That Will Answer Your Visitors Questions And Turn Them Into Customers

Mobile Apps

Build Native iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Mobile Apps. You Can Use These To Communicate With Your Clients And Find Out Who Your Best Customers Are.


Videos Increase Conversions By 60% And By 2020 90% Of The Traffic On The Internet Will Come From Videos. If You Aren’t Using Video To Sell You Are Leaving Money On The Table.


Animations Can Inform and Entertain. We Do Many Different Styles Including Cartoons, 3D Animations, And Kinetic Text.

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About Us

A Results and Data Driven Digital Marketing Agency in Phuket Thailand


BuildOurApp.com is a digital marketing agency based in Phuket, Thailand. We are Adwords and Analytics certified by Google and Inbound and Email Marketing certified by Hubspot. We get our clients measurable results using the latest technology and marketing strategies. We believe in the transformative power of education and love helping local businesses to succeed, so we choose to specialize in working with schools and small businesses.

What is Digital Marketing and How Can it Help My Business?

Digital Marketing is simply using tools found on the Internet to market your products or services. This can include Pay Per Click (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media and Email. A good marketing strategy should include a combination of these. SEO mainly targets traffic on Google, and Video SEO targets traffic from Google and Youtube. Pay Per Click can be found on a number of different platforms including Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Linkedin.

Why Should I Implement a Digital Marketing Strategy? There are several reasons why. The first reason is that it’s measurable. Since you can use tools like Google Analytics you can see where your traffic is coming from, how long it stays, and whether they make a purchase or contact you. Using Google Adwords you can even find out if someone has made a phone call based on an advertisement or direct people to your nearest store location using Google Maps.

The same can’t be said for offline ads You never know if someone contacted you from a billboard, a magazine ad or a television commercial. So with digital marketing, you can increase your spending on things that are working while decreasing your spending on things that are not.

The Cost Depending on the magazine a full page ad can cost anywhere between $1,000 USD to $10,000 USD per month, and there’s no guarantee that it will deliver anything. With pay per click, you only pay when someone actually clicks on your link and goes to your website. In addition, if you know which platforms to use and how to optimize your ads you can sometimes get clicks for as little as 10 cents. So that same $1000 spent on a magazine ad can get you 10,000 clicks to your website! Furthermore, your money is being spent intelligently by showing your ads only to people who are actually interested in what you are offering. 

Targeting The correct audience is much easier to find with digital marketing compared to offline marketing. Do you need to find females 18-27 who love coconut cupcakes and whose favourite sport is rollerblading? Do you need to find a 25-50 year old male surfer whose favourite meal is smoked salmon? Do you need to find people who are within three miles of your restaurant and like Greek Food? You can get this specific using social networks like Facebook, but perhaps, more importantly, you can target your ads specifically to what people are actually searching for on Google and YouTube. Since your leads are targeted by their interests, demographics and what they are searching for, it stands to reason that the quality of leads that you receive will be substantially better and more likely to make a purchase than leads that you got from offline sources.

Offline Marketing is Becoming Less Effective

Today almost everyone researches the products and services they buy using the Internet before making a purchase. Because of this off-line forms of advertising are becoming less and less effective. Junk mail gets thrown in the trash, people skip over the commercials when watching television using TIVO and we’re reading our newspapers and magazines on our tablets and phones rather than in print. Furthermore, advertising in magazines and newspapers is in a sharp decline.

The Mistake Most People Make With Digital Marketing The problem most people have with using digital marketing is this. Studies show that more than 95% of people will come to your website and do absolutely

nothing. They won’t contact you for an appointment, they won’t buy a product and they probably won’t even bookmark your site. In addition, 70% of first-time visitors won’t come back for a second visit, which means once they are gone they’re gone forever. Even if they do come back, according to the online marketing institute it takes an average of between 7 to 13 touches for a lead to turn into a sale. The approach most people take when using digital marketing is just to drive traffic to their website whether it’s using PPC or SEO, and hoping that traffic converts into customers, but it usually doesn’t. It’s sort of like trying to fill a bucket with a small hole in it with water.

Build A Marketing Funnel The way to make digital marketing work for you is to create a marketing funnel with an email autoresponder. This is a piece of software that can automatically send emails to visitors who have chosen to You then capture your visitors’ details such as their name and email address, in exchange for something of value, such as a webinar, a video, or an e-book that helps them to answer a question or solve a problem. Once you have their email address you can contact them over and over again, educating, entertaining them and most importantly building trust and rapport so that they go from prospect to lead, to client or customer. Furthermore, once you have a good sized email list the cost to market to this list is quite low compared to repeatedly paying for a magazine ad or buying space on a billboard.

Does Email Marketing Still Work? In 2007 having a good sized email list was enough to be successful, since the Internet was still fairly new and most people weren’t signed up to too many lists. Fast forward to 2018 and the average open rate for email is around 25%. This doesn’t mean that you should give up on email marketing, but rather you should have multiple channels to contact your prospects, that should also include social media, chatbots, and mobile apps. Despite the declining open rates, studies show that email is still one of the most effective ways to convert visitors into customers and delivers one of the highest returns on investment. Furthermore, an email list is one of the only things that you truly own on the Internet. A Facebook page can be taken away, Google SEO rankings can drop or disappear, and Adwords costs can increase making it prohibitively expensive. But once you’ve built a solid email list it can continue to bring your customers for years to come.

What is Inbound Marketing? This is a subset of digital marketing and its focus is on creating good content that helps solve the problem of a potential client, thus attracting customers by providing the information that they are looking for when they need it. It is also known as content marketing. This is done by getting your articles and videos to rank in search engines as well as posting it to your followers on your social media accounts. The idea isn?t to sell them anything, but to build trust and a relationship by helping them to research the topic they are interested In and helping them to find a solution to their problem. Through this content, they will find your website, submit their details and enter into your marketing funnel. Inbound marketing is about empowering your customers and helping to educate them.

What is Outbound Marketing (Offline Marketing) This is a more traditional method that focuses on pushing out marketing messages to prospects through methods like magazines, billboards, newspaper, television ads, direct mail, telemarketing, and tradeshows. This is a shotgun approach and the results are less measurable. Although it can be used in conjunction with digital marketing so it useful way to drive traffic to your website, with the hope being that once there they will be interested enough in your product or service join your email list. It is also a tool for branding where your only intention is to get your name and identity out there without the need to get tangible results.

How Digital Marketing Can Help To Grow Your Business The difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that It is about building a relationship and trust with your future students and clients before you meet them. Whereas outbound marketing is about interrupting someone with a marketing message. Which business would you trust more? The one who helped you to find answers to your questions before you gave them money, or the one who put a billboard or magazine ad in front of you? The truth is that even in the digital age, or perhaps because of it, trust and relationships in business are more important than ever. Executing a coherent and effective digital marketing strategy that generates leads and sales is by far one of the most important things you can do to make your school or business successful. This entails creating useful and entertaining content in the form of videos, articles, webinars, and e-books and posting it to your blog and social media then driving traffic to that content. This can be done using SEO or pay per click campaigns. You will also need to combine effective landing page/website design and email marketing, to direct your prospects into your sales funnel and nurture your leads into becoming sales. If this all sounds too complicated and confusing please consider a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with schools and SMBs like BuildOurApp.com to execute your strategy for you.



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