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How Does Online Lead Generation Work?

How Does Online Lead Generation Work?

How Does Online Lead Generation Work?

Have you ever asked how does online lead generation work? This brief article will explain our approach at BuildOurApp.com and how it can benefit your company. Leads are the life’s blood of any business. If you are a real estate agency, a detox center, or a fitness gym you need a consistent flow of inquiries into your product or service that will eventually turn into sales.

At BuildOurApp.com we help our clients to attract and nurture qualified prospects through their websites. We then build a relationship with these visitors by sharing valuable content. This helps them get to know you, like you and trust you, which turns visitors and strangers into customers and clients.

It begins with our six-step process

  1. Optimize the Website for Lead Generation
  2. Drive Traffic
  3. Capture Leads
  4. Create a Sales Funnel
  5. Retarget
  6. Test, Monitor, and Optimize

Website Optimization
We begin by designing a website that is optimized for lead generation. If the client already has a website then we will redesign it in order to ensure that it will attract leads. This process includes-

1. Optimize the website for search engine rankings- This requires doing the On Page SEO, a process, which requires correctly labeling and organizing the website. This enables Google and other search engines to understand what the website is about and place it in the appropriate search results. This alone can determine whether your website ranks on the first page of Google or not. It’s not difficult to do, but most web designers don’t know how because they don’t understand how search engine optimization (SEO) works. So the chances are that even if you have a beautifully designed website it’s probably not SEO optimized.

2. Optimizing the website for speed. Studies indicate that the average desktop website takes about five seconds to load. For every second above that, you lose 7% of your visitors. On mobile devices, the average visitor only wants to wait three seconds! Above that and you begin losing up to 50% of your visitors. So in most cases, we try to get the website to load in three seconds or less, but that’s not always possible due to design constraints. At the longest we want the website to load in five seconds or under. In addition, the speed of your site will affect your page rankings on Google so it is important that your website is both attractive and fast.

3.Mobile Responsive- 51% of website traffic as of 2017 comes from mobile devices. This means that your website has to look good on desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets. If it doesn’t look good on every device then you are losing customers.

4.Live Chat/AI Chatbot – Adding a live chat app allows your visitors to engage with another human and instantly get their questions answered, without being put on hold or having to go through an automated phone system. Studies show that this can increase sales conversions by as much as 50%. If you don’t have a customer sales staff who can answer questions during the day, then you can use an AI chatbot. This is a program that runs on artificial intelligence that can answer frequently asked questions 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When it can’t answer the questions it can refer your visitors to a human. The best systems use live chat operators during working hours and chatbots during off hours. This ensures that there is always someone to direct your visitors to the right information.

5.Videos- These can inform, entertain and build trust with your prospects. By 2020 80% of Internet traffic will come from videos according to research done by the Internet giant Cisco. In addition, having a video on your website can increase sales by as much as 60%. Given that so much Internet traffic is coming from mobile devices, it is often times easier to watch a video than reading text. So if your website doesn’t have a video describing your services you are losing money.

Capture Leads

Did you know that 95% of your website visitors will leave without making a purchase or contact? Furthermore, 70% of those visitors will never return. Since traffic is expensive and difficult to come by, that means it’s like pouring money down the drain. So having a way to capture your visitors’ contact details is extremely important to your success. These are the steps way use to do that.

1.Create a lead magnet – This can be a quiz, a survey, a video or an ebook. In general, it is a valuable piece of information that will get your visitors curious and entice them to give up their contact details.

2.Create a Squeeze Page -This is a page that gives very little information other than details about your lead magnet and a request for the visitor’s name, email address and sometimes their telephone number. Create a popover or a hello bar – This is a piece of software on your website that will trigger a request for the user’s email and offer them the lead magnet. This can be set to trigger based on the visitor’s behavior. You can also put a hello bar on your website, which is a bar at the top of your site that follows the user as they scroll down and also offers your lead magnet and requests an email address.

3.Live Chat/Chatbot – Again a live chat will help you to engage with your visitors and answer their questions. However, they will also provide their email in exchange for this. You can request to put them on your mailing list. Once your visitor engages with your chatbot, this will enable you to send them messages via Facebook messenger. While you can’t send them marketing information you can send them details if they are researching your product or service.

4.Mobile App – If you have established business we can build you a mobile app. This will enable you to send them push-notifications which have a 90% open rate since it appears on the user’s phone feed.

Create A Sales Funnel

So now that you have your visitors contact details what do you do with them? If they came to your website the chances are that they are offering a product or service that you are offering and they were doing a bit of research. Once we have collected their details start sending them videos, articles, infographics or other information using an autoresponder email software. The beauty of these tools is that you can set them up once and they will automatically email your prospects based on their behavior. So you can give them exactly the information they want when they want it. This moves them through the sales funnel on auto-pilot educating them about your product or service and eventually turning them into a customer.

In the sales-funnel, you can provide them with information about your products or services, or why you are better than your competitors. This helps you to gain their trust and the autoresponder is closing sales for you even while you sleep.

Drive Traffic

 There are dozens of different ways to drive traffic to your website. But the most common are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) and Inbound Marketing.

1.SEO – This entails optimizing your website for SEO as well as systematically building links to your site from sites that have high domain authority (meaning that Google sees them as providing valuable information.)

2.Pay Per Click – Uses advertising platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook, or YouTube to drive traffic to your website. You pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

3.Inbound Marketing – This involves creating videos, writing articles and making infographics and posting them both on your blog and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In. This strategy works because it builds trust and provides valuable information to a person before they’ve even visited your website.

We find that a combination of these different strategies generally works best since each person on these various platforms will be in a different stage of buying. Some will be ready to make a purchase immediately. Others will take months of research before they are ready.


This simply requires you to put a few pieces of code on your website from Google and Facebook. Once you’ve done this any visitors to your website will have a piece of code put on their browser, which tells Google and Facebook that you were a visitor. They will then begin seeing ads on their Facebook and Google feeds that will remind them of your product or service. Although it may seem it bit creepy at first. This has been shown to increase sales by as much as 50% and users can always choose to opt out of the ads.

Test, Monitor and Optimize 

This is an oftentimes overlooked part of the process. But in order to ensure that you are getting the most for your money we A/B test everything. This means constantly optimizing to see which squeeze pages convert the best. Which of your lead magnets produces the best results and from there we keep trying to improve.

How Does Online Lead Generation Work?

I hope we’ve answerd the question how does online lead generation work. Our six-step process for leads may seem a bit complicated, it is a tried and true formula for success in online marketing and it can work for your business as well. If you’d like to work with a lead generation agency in Phuket Thailand please contact us for a free consultation. We work with clients both in Thailand, South East Asia and from around the world.

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